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Dates for the upcoming new season for Irish and MCI Championships.
Irish Championship will have 9 rounds with 7 counting
MCI Championship will have 12 rounds with 11 counting,we will run a new Twin Shock championship class for P65 & Classic bikes on the Clubman line if there is enough interest.
TMC - Karen Balfe Sun.20th Aug.2017 Woodsend - Mileys House Open
D&D Trial - Bob Thompson - MCI Sun.3rd Sept.2017 Old Boley MCI 1/YC/YD
MEC -Stanley Woods Cup Sun.10th Sept.2017 Ballylow IC 1/YC/YD
MEC - MCI Sun.1st Oct.2017 Butter Mountain MCI 2.YC/YD
D&D Moran Cup IC Sun.8th Oct.2017 Lacken IC 2
Leinster Octember MCI Sun.15th Oct.2017 Aurora Wood MCI 3.YC/YD
Shaw Cup -IC Sat.21st Oct.2017 IC 3
YMC Halloween MC1 Sun.29th Oct.2017 The Vee MCI 4
Ards Turner - IC Sat.4th Nov.2017 IC 4
D&D-Waters Cup-MCI Sun.12th Nov.2017 MCI 5
Irish Experts IC Sun.26th Nov.2017 Aurora Wood IC 1.YC/YD
Leinster -Turkey Trial Sun.10th Dec.2017 Open
Stephens Day Trial Tue.26th Dec.2017 The Slade Charity
MEC - Open Sat 30th Dec.2017 Woods End - Mileys House Open
D&D - Jacob Cup - MCI Sun.14th Jan.2018 Oakwood MCI 6.YC/YD
Temple Terry Hill Sat.27th Jan.2018 IC 6
Leinster - Stapelton - MCI Sun.4th Feb.2018 Sugar Loaf MCI 7
YMC -MCI Sun.11th Feb.2018 MCI 8
D&D - Manders Cup - MCI Sun.25th Feb.2018 Ballyreagh Wood MCI 9.YC/YD
D&D - Teddy Moore - Classic Sun.4th Mar.2018 Balinoulta Open
MEC MCI Sun.11th Mar.2018 MCI 10.YC/YD
MAMC-Shane Cup IC Sat.23rd Mar.2018 IC 7
YMC Easter Trial IC Sat 31st Mar.2018 The Vee IC 8
YMC Easter Trial MCI Sun.1st Apr.2018 The Vee MCI 11
Leinster - Patland - IC Sun.15th Apr.2018 Sugar Loaf IC 9
MEC - MCI Sun.22nd Apr.2018 Cloughleigh Wood MCI 12.YC/YD
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