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Participation at the FIM Trial des Nations (TDN)

Selection Process 2016:
Team Ireland selection is made solely at the discretion MCUI Trial Commission.  In the interests of openness and fair play this document outlines the criteria for riders, all other team members and the required expectations.
Rider Selection criteria:
1.   Riders must be the holder of a current annual MCUI affiliated Licence.
2.   Riders must have competed in the current Irish Championship prior to Team selection.
3.   Final Irish Championship standings with all rounds counting in 2016, will be used solely for the purposes of Team selection. In the event of a tie, selection will revert to the commission.
4.   In the event of a selected Rider being (1) not available (2) Injured (3) deemed non-compliant with expectations as set out below, their place on the Team will go to the next best placed Rider in the standings and so on, until all places are filled.

Team Member Selection criteria:
All other Team members (i.e. officials, minders, mechanics, support crew, etc.) are selected taking into consideration, necessity, experience and budget available.

Team Ireland Expectations:
Once selected for participation, whatever your role, all Team members are subject to the following;
1.   All Team members will, on request, supply current contact information and will reply to all correspondence in an efficient and timely manner.
2.   All Team members will comply with all paperwork requests within the timeframe set down and notified at time of team selection.
3.   This is a team event so all Team members are reminded that all decisions are taken for the good of the Team and its performance within the rules of the event.  Non-Compliance with “Team” decisions deems you as “not being a team player” and therefore may directly affect your continuance as a Team member.
4.   All Team members will treat fellow members, members from other Teams, officials and Event organisers with courtesy and respect.  While both inside and especially outside the Country you are reminded that you have been given the honour of representing the MCUI and therefore must act accordingly.
5.   All Team members will demonstrate an attitude of good sportsmanship at all times both before and during the event.
6.   After selection is completed a number of training/team building days will be announced, all team members, particularly riders and minders will attend.
7.   All Team members will liaise with the Team and Commission and shall contribute to fund raising in whatever way possible.

All Team members will be warned of non-compliance with the above expectations by the Commission.  On receipt of your 3rd warning you will be immediately replaced on the Team with the next candidate in line, as set out by the Team Selection Process.  In the event of a serious indiscretion you will be immediately informed of your replacement on the Team.  Any indiscretions or warnings given while on location at the event will directly affect your eligibility for any further Team selections into the future.
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