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M.C.U.I Trials Commission
Press Release – 4th January 2014

The MCUI Trials Commission is very pleased to officially announce the details of the 2014 Trials Season.  Firstly, a big thank you must go to the Motor Cycling Ireland and Ulster Centre Committees for their co-operation and hard work in totally revamping the entire season by moving our championships into the calendar year and into line with the rest of the Trials world.  The calendar has been formatted, where possible, with at most one Irish Championship round and one Centre Championship round in any one calendar month, this was done as an attempt to spread the costs of attending championship events throughout the year therefore making our sport more cost effective and hopefully more accessible for more riders.
Contrary to recent rumours Grade A is not being ban or “done away with”, however, a new grading system is being introduced for the 2014 season for all championships.  The idea behind this change is twofold; 1. To drive progression in the top grade and 2. Make the sport more accessible in the lower grades.  The new grades with a “guideline” on how they roughly align to the outgoing grades are as follows:

Expert – (outgoing Grade A & B)
Semi-Expert – (outgoing Grade C)
Clubman – (outgoing Grade D)
Novice – (new riders / UC Grade E)
2014 Calendar:-
The 2014 Irish Championship will be competed over 9 rounds, the 2014 MCI Championship will be competed over 8 rounds and MCUI Ulster Centre Championship will be competed over 10 rounds.  The entire calendar looks as follows:- Legend:- IC – Green, MCI – Blue, UC – Red, Non-Champ - Black

Start Date   Event   Organising Club
11/01/2014   Practise Trial   UC-TC
18/01/2014   UC Rd1 - Larkin Cup   Lightweight
19/01/2014   Open - Jacob Cup   D&D
25/01/2014   UC Rd2 - Emyvale   North Monaghan
01/02/2014   IC Rd1 - Terry Hill   Temple MCC
15/02/2014   UC Rd3 - Jimmy Robinson   Banbridge
16/02/2014   SC Rd1 - Stapleton Cup   Leinster MC
22/02/2014   UC Rd4 - Kelly Trial   Knock
01/03/2014   UC Rd5 - Spring Trial   Lisburn & D MCC
02/03/2014   SC Rd2 - Manders Cup   D&D
09/03/2014   Training Day   MCI-TMC
15/03/2014   IC Rd2 – Shane Cup   Mid Antrim
22/03/2014   UC Rd6 0 Sandown Trophy   Ards
23/03/2014   Open - Classic / Paddys Day   D&D
30/03/2014   IC Rd3 - Patland Cup   Leinster, Sugarloaf
05/04/2014   Practice Day   UC-TC
06/04/2014   Kickstart   MCI-TMC
12/04/2014   Team - hurst Cup   Knock
19/04/2014   IC Rd4 - The Vee   Youghal
20/04/2014   SC Rd3 - The Vee   Youghal
26/04/2014   Youth - John Hagan Junior Trial   Ards
18/05/2014   SC Rd4 - Montrose Cup   MEC
01/06/2014   Training Day   MCI-TMC
07/06/2014   Summer Trial   Mid Antrim
14/06/2014   Classic   Banbridge
21/06/2014   IC Rd5 - McParland Cup   Lisburn
29/06/2014   Open - Classic / Karen Balfe   MCI-TMC
20/07/2014   Training Day   MCI-TMC
09/08/2014   Practice Day   UC-TC
17/08/2014   IC Rd6 - Stanley Woods   MEC
23/08/2014   Closed - Summer Trial   Lisburn & D MCC
30/08/2014   Practice Day   UC-TC
31/08/2014   Open - Teddy Moore Cup   D&D
06/09/2014   IC Rd7 - Shaw Cup   Knock MCC
13/09/2014   TDN - Women   Sant Julia d Loria, Andorra
13/09/2014   Open - Autumn Trial   Mid Antrim
14/09/2014   TDN - Men   Sant Julia d Loria, Andorra
20/09/2014   Open - McParland Super Trial   Lisburn
21/09/2014   SC Rd5 - Bob Thompson Cup   D&D
27/09/2014   UC Rd7 - Bann Cup   Banbridge
05/10/2014   IC Rd8 - Moran Cup   D&D
11/10/2014   Closed - Bedford Cup   Ards
12/10/2014   Training Day   MCI-TMC
18/10/2014   UC Rd8 - Autumn Trophy   Lightweight
19/10/2014   SC Rd6 - Octember   Leinster MCC
25/10/2014   UC Rd9 - Slemish   Mid Antrim
26/10/2014   SC Rd7 - The Vee   Youghal
01/11/2014   IC Rd9 - Irish Experts   Ards
08/11/2014   UC AGM   
15/11/2014   UC Rd10 - Marcus Blain   Temple
16/11/2014   SC Rd 8 - MEC Trial   MEC
22/11/2014   Closed - Calvin Cup   Lightweight
30/11/2014   Open - Waters Cup   D&D
06/12/2014   Closed - McMaster Cup   Knock
07/12/2014   Open - Turkey Team Trial   Leinster
26/12/2014   Open - Rusk Memorial   Ards
26/12/2014   Open - Stephens Day   D&D
28/12/2014   Open - Christmas Trial   MEC

Irish Championship 2014 Rules:-

Below are the rules that the 2014 Irish Championship will be run to.  Each Centre will be making an announcement on the rules for their individual championships.

This is an Open championship, Riders not holding an MCUI Licence will require start permission from their FMN. A one event MCUI licence is available when signing on, charge £10.

All riders in Trials will be divided into four Grades subject to the provision of the M.C.U.I. and the ability of the rider.  The Adult grades are Expert, Semi-Expert, Clubman & Novice. The Youth grades are A & B.    See 2014 Centre Grading lists.
To be eligible for championship points riders must enter events as per their assigned grade. Any rider who chooses to ride “out of grade” will not be classified in the results of that event.
Youth A will ride Semi-Expert sections, Youth B will ride Clubman sections. See Standing Regulations for Trials, Rule 33, Youth Class, Ref: age limits and Engine capacities .

If a Rider has the assistance of a Minder the minder must complete an entry form pay an entry fee and sign on. The Rider is responsible for his/her Minder who must wear the same protective clothing as a competitor at all times. The Minder is not allowed to ride the sections.

1st – 20, 2nd -17, 3rd – 15, 4th – 13, 5th – 11, 6th – 10, 7th – 9, 8th – 8, 9th – 7, 10th – 6, 11th – 5, 12th – 4, 13th – 3, 14th – 2, 15th – 1.   

Best 7 rounds to count. Note: Any Rider excluded from a round (except for time) cannot drop that round.
If a tie exists, number of 1st’s, then 2nd’s, 3rd’s etc.
If a tie still exists best performance on last round either rider competed in.
If tie cannot be resolved 2 awards will be presented

The marking system to be used for observed sections in all trials will be the following “MCUI NON-STOP” Rule. 
Penalty Faults in a section are allocated as follows:-
Definition of Fault:-
Each contact of any part of the rider or his machine (with exception of the tyres, footrest and the engine protection plate) with the ground or an obstacle (tree, rock, etc.).
1 fault: 1 point
2 faults: 2 points
More than 2 faults: 3 points
Stopping with or without footing: 5 points
Moving backwards: 5 points
Moving either wheel to the side without forward motion: 5 points
Failure: 5 points

Definitions of Failure
The machine ceases to move in a forward direction relative to the course.
The machine is moving backwards with or without the rider footing.
The machine touches the ground with the front or rear wheel, outside a boundary.
Breaking a tape defining a section boundary or internal separation.
The rider or machine breaks, removes, knocks down or rides over or above a marker or marker support.
The rider dismounts from the machine and he/she has both feet on the ground, on the same side or behind the axle of the back wheel of the machine.
The front wheel does not precede the back wheel when passing through a gate/section marker.
The rider receives outside assistance.
The rider or his assistant changes the condition of a section.
The rider passes through the gates/section markers of another grade whatever the direction.
Not entering a section, providing the rider has reported to the Observer.
The motorcycle does a complete loop, crossing its own track with both wheels.
Missing a section: 20 points
Not attempting the sections in numerical order: 20 points


A Minimum time limit of 5Hrs plus ½ Hr at one mark per minute will apply.

Riders must wear Coloured Bibs denoting their grade, failure to comply will result in exclusion from the results. Expert -Red. Semi-Expert & Junior A - Yellow. Clubman and Junior B – Green.   Novice – No Bib required Minders – Magenta/Purple.

First three in each grade (finishing in at least 3 rounds) will receive Irish Championship Medals. Gold, Silver & Bronze.

Standing Regulations for Trials Rule 36.
Each Observer shall be issued with a “Yellow Card”.
Any Rider or person with an interest in a Rider’s performance who refuses to obey the instructions of the Observer, or who behaves in a disorderly manner shall be shown the Yellow Card. The Observer shall take a note of the incident to be passed to the Clerk of the Course (COC). The rider must report to the COC when finished.
The Stewards of the Meeting will study and record the incident for possible disciplinary action.
Action:     One Yellow Card will result in 20 marks added to score.
      Two Yellow Cards received at one event – Disqualification

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Barry Galvin
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« Reply #1 on: 07 January 2014, 08:45:54 PM »

Hi , Where can I buy some bibs.....

Also I heard that minders have to pay the same as a competitor for entry in the IC is that correct?


Frank Blackbyrne
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« Reply #2 on: 08 January 2014, 12:08:40 AM »

Hi Barry,
Minders fee is €5,Bibs will be available from the Trials Committee what grade bibs do you need.

Barry Galvin
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« Reply #3 on: 08 January 2014, 09:31:25 AM »

Thanks Frank, I need 2 yellow and 1 magenta/ purple minders bib..


Brian McLoughlin
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« Reply #4 on: 08 January 2014, 10:50:49 AM »

Can a grading list be posted please?
Barry Galvin
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« Reply #5 on: 17 January 2014, 07:46:59 PM »

What about regs for the IC, will they be posted here, still don't know who to get bibs from?
Rudy de Vreede
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« Reply #6 on: 09 May 2014, 03:29:46 PM »

The trials calender suggests the Montrose Cup is on Sunday 18 May. Is this going ahead?
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